Whether you are making some renovations at your old North London home or building a new one, it is important for you to pay close attention when it comes to choosing your windows. There are lots of options available to you when it comes to windows, as they are no longer made in the standard one-size-fits-all option. Today, you will find that a good number of buildings are made with the entire walls and ceilings made of glass. You might ask yourself, won’t it be too costly to keep such buildings warm? The simple answer is – not necessarily. If you are one of those people using the technology of double glazing in North London, then you have nothing to worry about especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

What is double glazing and how does it work?

Most older windows were made with a single pane of glass. This single pane of glass is just a few millimetres thick, therefore, making it a poor insulator. This means that the exchange of hot and cold air through it is easy, thereby making it more difficult to control the temperature of a home.

It is commonly known that heat moves from a hotter region to a colder region, and so, heat flows through the weakest points of your home whenever there is a difference between the outside and inside. Some common weak points in a house are the windows, uninsulated ceilings, doors etc. During the summer, heat flows from the outside into the house, and during winter, heat flows from the interior of the house to the exterior. This exchange has a significant effect on your energy bills.

This is where double glazing comes in. Double glazing in North London is designed to significantly reduce the exchange of hot and cold air through the window by using two panes of glass with an air gap in between. This combination makes the windows better insulators, therefore, making your home more energy efficient. You will save more money on heating in winter and cooling during the warmer seasons.

Other benefits of double glazing

– More security, since double glazed windows are more stable.
– Less external noise.
– Reduces your carbon footprint, since you will be consuming less energy.
– Double glazed windows reduce the accumulation of moisture in the house.
– Increase your property’s resale value.

Have you been thinking about upgrading to double glazing in North London? If you need any assistance with choosing one of our products, then please contact us.