Composite Doors

This beautiful moulded and richly grained exterior surface has the look and feel of traditional timber without its environmental and maintenance disadvantages. Our composite doors have a solid core offering a higher thermal and sound insulation compared to most doors, the combination of its solid core specification, multipoint locking system, centre deadbolt and a full 72mm upvc steel reinforced frame makes the composite door one of the most impenetrable doors on the market. Composite doors are available in a wide range of colours and wood grains with white and wood grain frames.

French Doors

Also referred to as ‘Double Doors’ compliment the replacement of traditional timber doors. You can choose between Upvc French doors and aluminium French doors, with inward and outward opening options. Our French doors feature slim profiles to maximum the glass area. These doors can achieve a 180 degrees maximise exit and entry space.

Patio Doors

Also referred to as ‘Sliding Doors’ available in both Upvc and aluminium. Due to current technology the specifications for the sliding doors particularly in aluminium offer an oversized product up to 8m in width.

Bi-Fold Doors

Also referred to as ‘Folding & Stacking Doors’. Available in both Upvc and aluminium, these doors are designed to achieve the ultimate visibility, enabling a maximum clear opening of up-to 7m. These doors have a particularly modern and stylish appearance, perfect for those who enjoy the use of their outdoor space as they incorporate your living area to your garden.