Winter is around the corner, and it might be time for homeowners to start looking for the best windows for cold weather. Most of the time the heat generated inside a home escapes through windows, doors and other non-insulated areas of the house. This leads to homeowners consuming more energy to keep the house warm, which will reflect on energy bills at the end of the month.

Replacing your current windows with the best energy-efficient windows will significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption. It is usually during a cold winter that most people realise how drafty their windows and doors are. Most people usually ignore these drafts during warmer seasons, but during the winter it can become really uncomfortable. Below are two factors to consider when choosing energy-efficient windows for your home especially for a cold weather.

The best windows for cold weather should not have any leakages, they should be properly sealed to prevent draughts. There are a number of window frames such as wood, vinyl, fibreglass and aluminium which have different properties. The conductivity of the material used as a frame is a property which manufacturers focus on so as to make energy-efficient windows. UPVC frames have very good insulating properties and are very efficient. Aluminium frames, on the other hand, are quite durable and affordable but they are poor insulators, therefore, not recommended for a cold weather. Our Upvc windows in London are available in white, light oak and Rosewood effect finishes as standard. All other RAL colours of your choice are available upon request.

Glass and Secondary Glazing
Window glass covers the majority of window areas, therefore a proper selection of the glass is important when it comes to energy consumption. Secondary glazing can also reduce energy consumption within your home. The advantages of secondary glazing include; reduction of heat loss, less noise penetration, less condensation and elimination of draughts. Highly recommended in conservation areas.

Have you been thinking about replacing your windows in time for the winter? If you need to assistance with choosing one of our products then please contact us.