Your choice of windows can have a significant effect on the whole aesthetics of your home when looking for accessories and products to enhance your property. At Wembley Windows, we know how important it is for you to make the right choice. It is for that reason that we are introducing flush sash windows which we supply in a wide range of colours.

Windows made of wood are susceptible to rot and deterioration, most especially when they are exposed to tough weather conditions. Wooden windows also allow cold in the house which might be problematic during the winter season. But, despite all these flaws, who can resist the looks of timber windows? That is why we have come up with a window that defies these issues by transforming PVCu windows which at the same time have the irresistible looks of an authentic timber window.

Flush sash windows provide the aesthetic looks of a traditional post-1932 timber window along with modern thermal benefits to your property. They are A+ rated and they provide a wide range of options to homeowners depending on their colours and the finish.

Why flush sash windows will be a good addition to your home

1. Energy Efficient
PVCu windows offer an energy efficient solution. Compared with both Aluminum and wooden frames, they offer better insulation properties. They, therefore, help you to consume less energy and have lower bills.

2. Security
When it comes to security, you can sleep in peace with flush sash windows. They come with a multi-point locking system and, they are tested and approved by independent testing establishments.

3. Low maintenance
Very little maintenance is required to keep these windows in good condition. The fact that they are made from resilient PVCu means that they are not at risk of rotting or discolouring after some time even when exposed to tough weather conditions.

Have you been thinking about buying flush sash windows? If you need any assistance with choosing one of our products, then please contact us.