Sliding patio doors are the best doors to have to open the patio as it naturally allows in more natural light thereby giving the illusion of more space.

The best time to get sliding patio doors installed is when your current doors begin to age and malfunction. Here are a few warning signs:


It is normal to have a stiff lock, especially on those cold and dry days. But when it comes to the point where you are fighting with the door, it is time for it to go. If the doors drag against the floor when opened, it means that there is warping happening in the wood. This is also an indicator that the hinges are weak as well.



If you find yourself increasing the heater or lowering the temperature on the air conditioner, it could also mean that your patio doors are letting in air from outside and disrupting the overall temperature of the home/space. You will have to check for increased space between the hinges and the wall. If you notice a draft coming in when standing beside the doors, it is time to begin shopping for sliding patio doors.



Unlike wine, patio doors don’t get better with age. Watch out for obvious signs of ageing.


Sliding patio doors are the best because they offer a lot of things that the old doors don’t:



Natural light is always welcomed and not just by photographers. It helps give the home a warm appearance while also refreshing the atmosphere. On those days when you’re coped up int he house, you’ll still get your dose of Vitamin D.



These doors are easier to open because they open from the centre out, on a slide instead of a hinge which ages faster.



Wherever you have a big transparent door, that room will always appear bigger the view from outside adds to the space!


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