Designing a home can be difficult, at times. But another hurdle to get over is the type of fixtures to use. And whatever your list contains, do not forget sliding French doors. When it comes to interior designs, the types of doors you pick will make or break the aesthetic of the space. So why choose top sliding French doors?


4 Reasons to Choose Top Sliding French Doors


1. More Durable

Sliding French doors are also called hinged patio doors. They are very a lot more durable than aluminium doors. This is because it opens from the centre out in a sliding motion instead of a swinging motion. And also, its thicker frames.

2. Easy Access

We have all struggled to bring in pieces of furniture through a door and it didn’t fit. But with a sliding French doors, that won’t be a problem. The width span of the sliding French doors is wider than a traditional door, creating more space.

3. Creates More Space

French sliding doors have clear glass, allowing natural light in. When a room or space is well lit, it gives the illusion of a bigger space. Isn’t that amazing?! With this created space, you can enjoy a BBQ in the backyard or a get-together on patio.

4. Improves Aesthetics

No matter how simple or understated your home/space might be, top sliding French doors add a touch of class. The best places for sliding French doors are; the patio, balcony, and backyard. It opens the house up to the outside allowing the free circulation of free air and added space without knocking down a wall.

The top sliding French doors are amazing and affordable with Wembley Windows. They are practical and necessary for your home and work space. Feel free to contact Wembley Windows for more information on prices and installations.