Before getting engaged in any project, it is important that you have an idea of how much that project would cost you just so you don’t get in over your head and put yourself in a position where you can’t finish the project you started simply because you weren’t prepared enough.  So it is important that you know how much it would cost to install new windows before you start the project.

The first thing that you must have in mind is that when it comes to what it might cost you to install new windows, there are a lot of factors that influence this cost:

  1. Is it a simple replacement or a new construction

You would definitely incur extra cost if your entire window frame needs to be rebuilt as opposed to if there’s no damage to the existing window frame, and you’re just replacing your windows. New construction would cost you approximately 50% more than a simple replacement.

  1. Windows Panes

Another factor that influences how much it might cost to install new windows is the type of window panes you want. Windows come with different options which affect both the cost and the efficiency of the window.
The various types of window panes include:

  • Single panes: a window with one pane of glass
  • Double pane: a window with two panes of glass beside one another
  • Triple pane: a window with three panes of glass beside one another
  • Low-E glass: glass that has been treated with metallic oxide to prevent heat transfer
  • Laminated glass: glass that has been covered with a transparent coating under heat to increase strength
  • Tempered glass: glass has been treated with heat to increase its strength and prevent breakage
  • Argon filled glass: two or more panes that have invisible argon gas between them for insulation

Single panes being the cheapest option.

  1. Type of Windows

There are different types of windows and the type of window you choose has a huge impact on how much it would cost you. Here are some window types in the correct order of their cost (from cheapest to most expensive): Awning, Double hung, Sliding, Half Round, Round, Sash, Casement, Picture, Bay Window.

  1. Materials

The type of materials that the windows are made of also plays a huge role in the cost. A window that is made of fiberglass will obviously be more expensive than a window made of aluminum.

In order to fully figure out how much it would cost to install new windows, you need to take into consideration what you really want. From the type of window, type of window panes, down to the type of materials the window is made of, and while you’re at it, you can make Wembley Windows your go-to company.