Just like every other thing in existence, nothing really lasts forever, and your windows are not an exception. After a period of time, you might notice that your windows and doors have become less efficient. They might be sending you a message for you to think about replacing them, and there is no better choice than replacement uPVC windows. Many homeowners tend to ignore this because they feel replacing windows is costly. The truth is that those old windows will cost them more in the long run.

Replacement uPVC windows should be seen more like an investment rather than a luxury. If you don’t know when you need to replace your windows, below are some signs to look out for;

  1. High energy bills;
    If you have noticed that your energy bills are higher, the problem might come from your windows. Windows play a significant role when it comes to your home’s insulation. Old windows or drafty windows will allow more heat to escape, which will make you use your heater more often and vice versa. Replacing your windows with double glazed uPVC windows can help decrease your energy bills by about 10% to 25%.
  2. Visible damage;
    This is probably the easiest sign to look out for. If it is difficult to open and close your windows, if you notice cracks or your frames are rotting, then you might need to replace your windows. You might also discover mould and moisture in some areas when your windows are damaged.
  3. Still having single pane windows;
    Wondering why your house is so cold during the winter or too hot when the sun is out? Chances are you still have single pane windows. Most of the houses built before the 70s have single pane windows. Today’s windows are made from double or triple pane glass which provides more security, are more energy efficient and allow less external noise.

Replacing your windows will surely prove to be a great investment. Get your replacement uPVC windows at Wembley Windows. Contact us for more information.