If you’re like most homeowners, you want your house to look its best. By selecting the right sliding door for your home, you can show off your personal style while incorporating function and practicality.

Modern glazed doors, whether they are sliding or bi-folding are one of the most desired features in contemporary homes. Choosing the right door for your home is important for stylistic and practical reasons, but the right one could quite easily become the wow-factor design that you have been looking for.

Here are the key steps to take when choosing the right sliding door for your home.

Step One: Choosing Whether it’s Going be an Internal or External Door

The first step and main starting point is whether you would like an internal or external door. If you would like an external product then you need to ensure that you’re purchasing a corrosion proof system to act against the weather together with high security features.

Step Two: Deicide How you Want the Door to Operate

It’s important that you know what you want your doors to do. You’ll also need to know how many doors you’re catering for.

Step Three: Taking Measurements

You will need to know the opening width, opening height along with the door thickness.

Step Four: Choose What Type of Material You Would Like

It’s important that you pick hardware that can cater for the type of door material you’re using.

Step Five: How Heavy Are The Doors?

You need to establish the weight of a single door to ensure the system you have chosen is capable of taking its weight.

Step Seven: What Track Length Do You Need?

With face fixed tracks, as a general rule, you need a track which is double the width of the opening. With soffit fixed you require a track that is the same length as the width of the opening.

Step Eight: Choosing the Hardware

Now you have the above information you should have a shortlist of hardware which is appropriate.

Sliding Doors at Wembley Windows

At Wembley Windows there are many door design options to choose from. Security is essential; all of our products are fitted with a high security multi-point locking system in accordance with the current British Standards and are Secure by Design. If you need any assistance or want to learn more about our products please give us a call on 0800 833 574.